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A Selection Of Our Most Helpful Business Startup Services

Registered Office Address Service in London

Company Registered Office Address in London EC1

A registered office address is a legal requirement for all UK businesses.

We offer a service that allows business owners the use of our prestigious address as if it were their own, and get official mail passed on to them hassle-free and confidentially without compromising their private residential address.

Business Trading Address in Central London EC1

A prestigious business trading address without the overheads

The business trading address service is an ideal way of gaining a prestigious business address without the expensive overheads.

Our service allows you to receive your company’s correspondence at our central London location as if it were your own, giving the appearance of your business being based in the heart of the capital.

Director’s Privacy Address in London EC1

Maintain Residential Privacy With A Director’s Privacy Address

Companies House legally require all directors of UK companies and partners of LLPs to register a directors business address for the public record. In addition, any legal documents from Companies House or HMRC are sent to them at the address provided.

For this reason, it is highly recommended that a director’s privacy address in London is purchased.

Professional Call Answering Service

A call answering service that frees up your time while adding prestige to your business.

The gem about using a call answering service is that it frees up your time to focus on growing your business, while at the same time, giving a good impression with professional call handling; the service is geared to make your callers believe that our highly trained team is yours.

Online VAT Registration

Avoid VAT penalties from common mistakes by utilising our expert online VAT registration service.

Companies have to apply to HMRC to register for VAT. It’s a complicated process and it’s common for businesses to make mistakes on their VAT registration application form.

Honest but common mistakes mean that companies are often faced with VAT penalties. In order to avoid that, it is advisable to seek professional help and we offer that through our online VAT registration service.

Trust the experts to start your business venture

When a company is incorporated at Companies House it can either be formed under the jurisdiction of England & Wales or Scotland, depending on where the company will be trading. The clear majority of companies registered in both England & Wales.

We can help your company start up

Our team has been based in City Road since 1971 and have helped countless businesses start up and become official companies.

Companies House office used to be situated on City Road before, long before the days of electronic was introduced. Our team used to walk across the road from our office and manually lodge new companies by hand at Companies House.

We are incredibly passionate about our service and are certainly proud of our history. Our team has strong and historic links with Companies House which is of course a benefit to our clients.


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“Very polite and friendly, they gave me helpful professional advice for setting up an LTD company. I sent them all my papers and they registered and set up my Company easily.”


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Trust the experts to start your business venture

When a company is incorporated at Companies House it can either be formed under the jurisdiction of England & Wales or Scotland, depending on where the company will be trading. The clear majority of companies registered in both England & Wales.

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your common questions answered

UK Company Formation FAQs

What do you mean by a UK company?

Speaking about a UK company, it a legal entity that enjoys its own legal rights. Ingeneral, to start a UK company, you will have to register it at Companies HouseEngland and Wales. After that, a certificate of incorporation is issued by theRegistrar of Companies is proof of the existence of the company. 

Is there more than one type of company?

Yes, and the major types of UK companies are: 

  • Private company limited by shares

Such types of companies come with a share capital. Besides, every member has limited liability to the share’s unpaid amount. A private company can’t offer shares to the general public.  

  • Private company limited by guarantee

In such types of companies, the members don’t contribute to the capital, and they don’t purchase any shares. The liability of the members will be limited to the amount they have agreed to contribute to the assets of the company. 

  • Private unlimited company

Such companies may or may not come with share capital. Besides, here there is no limit to the liability of the member. Here the company doesn’t disclose much information. 

  • Public limited company

This type of company comes with a share capital. The liability of the members is only limited to the shares’ unpaid amount. The company is free to sale the shares to the general public. One can also find a share on the stock exchange.

  • LLP-Limited Liability Partnership

This form of the company offers the benefits of limited liability to all the partners at a lower cost. The liability of the partners will be limited. It can be said that it is a hybrid form of a partnership and a company.  

The first three types of companies are a form of a private company. There are also some companies that are limited by guarantee with a share capital. However, the formation of such a company has been canceled since 1981. 

Why choose a limited company?

Limited companies offer a lot of benefits. One of the major ones is that you will enjoy limited liability. The company will also enjoy a professional status and separate legal identity. Besides, a limited company type opens up great lending and investment opportunities. The directors will not have any personal liabilities to creditors. Some other benefits include low corporation tax rate, the advantage of personal tax profit extraction, and most of the companies prefer to trade with a limited company.

What company name can I choose?

Individuals are free to choose the company as per their own choice. Well, there are some exceptions that you need to keep in mind. 

The name you have selected needs to be different from the companies that have already incorporated at Companies House. On the other hand, the words or names used in the company name is not liable to offend.

To know more details about the name, you can check out

Sometimes, some types of company names need the Secretary of State’s approval for approval. These may include names that may contain words issued by regulations. Besides, it can be a word that shows a connection with Her Majesty’s Government, or local government.

Can I change my company name?

Yes. You can change your company name after it has been incorporated. You can change your company name in case of a change in your business, company ownership, or management issue. If you change your company name, then it doesn’t have any impact on your business. You can change your company name according to companies act2013. A company can change its name by conducting a general meeting. After that, you have to take some legal changes with the ministry of corporate affairs.

You can change your company name with the following steps:

1. Partners of your companies are mutually agreed

You should conduct a board meeting before changing the name of your company. In that meeting, the board of directors will discuss and approve the name authorized by a director.

2. Whether the name available or not

Now the director of the company will apply a form INC-1 to the ministry of corporate affairs for checking whether the selected name is possible or not. If the name is available, then the roc will send a letter to your company. It’s a confirmation that the selected name is available.

3. Apply for registration

After approving the name, the company should pass a resolution for changing the name. Within 30 days of the passing judgment, a special resolution will be filed to roc. Now you have to fill some form for this process.

4. Issue of a new certificate

If all your documentation is passed by the register of companies, then they will issue an original certificate of incorporation. After the following process, you can change your company name.

What is the minimum number of officers a company requires?

If your company is incorporated after the date 6 April 2008, then you only need one company director. There is no need to hire a solo company secretary. 

If you set up a new limited company, then you need at least one director. A company's director can also play the role of the company secretary. However, many people prefer to hire a company secretary so that he/she can handle the official documents. Before the implementation of the company act, all Pvt ltd companies have to hire a director and a well a secretary separately. 

The Board of the director is appointed the officer to run a company. According to law, most of the state requires that there should be at least one director and two officers. All company officers should follow the law issued by the ministry of company affairs. They should be qualified, can handle the responsibilities of the company. At the time of the formation of the company, you should also advise the management of the company. The appointment of a new officer and the change in an official name, the address is made, etc.

Can anyone be a company director?

No, not anyone can be a director of a company. There are specific rules and regulations which you should follow when you appointed a director of a company. Let’s see what the point is to observe:

  1. The age of the Director should be above 16.
  2. The Director should not be bankrupt. (otherwise, the court has given him/her a permission to act for a particular company).
  3. Director should not have been disqualified from the position of director. (otherwise, the court has given him/her a permission to act for a particular company).

According to the company act, if an individual does not reach the age of 16, then he/he would not be able to be a director. The minimum age limit applied to be a director I et to 16; You will be surprised that there I, not any formal qualification needed to be a director. A company should hire at least one director for the company. And the Director can be worked as a company secretary. The board of directors will be appointed by the shareholders of a company.

A director is someone who administrates and direct the member of companies for the profit. He can decide on the company. A person who wants to be a director of a Pvt Ltd company he/ he should have din number means the director identification number, which Is a8 digit number. A person who belongs to any other nationality I can also be a director of any company in all over the world.

I reside overseas can I be a director of a UK private limited company?

Yes. A non-UK resident would become a director of a UK private limited company. There are no such restrictions for being a director in a company in UK. The nationality of a person doesn’t affect. Any person could be a director of a company no matter what nationality he/she has. Other than this, if you want to know some more information, then you can contact with companies house.

What is a Registered Office?

The Registered Office address is the official address of any Company. It is the address where the company house and HMRC will send the document and important or legal notice to you. If you change the registered address of your Company, then you should inform this to ROC. A registered office of the Company should be registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. It also defines the domicile of the Company.

The Company registered office must be there where your Company is registered. For example, if you register your Company in India, then your office should be in India, or if you registered your Company in Scotland, then the registered office should be placed in Scotland.

It is essential to provide the correct address of the registered office to the Companies House so that they can send you the document in the incorrect address. Anyone can use his/her home address as a registered office address, but it is not good enough to do that.

Difference between a registered office address & a business address?

The registered office address is the address where the only legal and essential document or mail is delivered. Where your business address is an address where all the third parties, client, and supplier mail sent.

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