Annual Accounts

Annual Accounts

Annual Accounts

The Annual Accounts can easily be termed as one of the Financial Statements that are required by the Company for the preparation from the records that it has in accounting. The date on which these accounts are made up can be referred to as the Accounting Reference Date and is the date that has the Company registered itself under the Companies House.

The Annual Accounts or generally termed as the Financial Statements of a company are majorly made up of the following things,

• A statement from the Chairman.

• The financial report from the board of the Directors.

• Profit and Loss measures of the Statutory Account of the Company.

• The inclusion of the proper Statutory Balance Sheet.

• The proper statement of the cash inflow.

• The Financial Statements on the Statutory Notes are to be provided.

Unless a company is qualified for the Abbreviated Accounts, it should fill the Annual Accounts at Companies House every year.

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