Certificate of Incorporation

Certificate of Incorporation

Certificate of Incorporation

The Certification of Incorporation, it is a legal document that proves that you have successfully registered your company with Companies House following the rules and regulation mentioned in Companies Act 2006. In general, this is considered as the birth certificate of your company. A Certificate of Incorporation generally includes:

• Name of your company along with its registered number

• Company’s incorporation date

• Category of the company (limited or unlimited company, private or public company)

• The location of the registered office and more

Most of the companies are now formed online through Companies House or by agents. You can now get your company’s Certification of Incorporation and other major documents online.

This certificate plays a significant role when it comes to opening a business bank account or while applying for a loan. Some benefits are:

• Protects you from the liability

• Builds a perpetual existence

• Offers tax advantages

• Enhance the ability to manage the business

• Creates a robust company’s image

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