Speaking about a company, it is a legal entity that is formed by a group of people and has its own legal rights. To form a company, you must register it with the Companies House and follow all the rules mentioned in Companies Act 2006.

A company can be operated differently for financial liability tax purposes depending on the law of the jurisdiction under which it is incorporated. In the United Kingdom, you will find different types of companies; the majors are:

• PLC- Private Limited Company

• LTD-Private Company Limited By Share

• UNLTD- Unlimited Company

• LLP- Limited Liability Partnership

• RC- Royal Charter

A company is generally owned by its shareholders and managed by a director. It is the company secretary whose responsibility is to make sure that the statutory records submitted with the Companies House are updated.

Once the company is formed, you will get the Certificate of Incorporation from the Registrar of Companies. That will be proof of your company’s existence.

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