Company Secretary

Company Secretary

Company Secretary

A company secretary works in a senior position in any company, is responsible for managing all the legal, statutory, and financial requirements of a company. Besides, a company secretary makes sure that the company complies with the corporate governance that covers the welfare of employees, customers, shareholders, and more. Some of the significant responsibilities of a company secretary are:

• Taking care of public issues

• Developing effective policies for the smooth running of the company

• Manage all the mergers and acquisitions

• Keep the company records as well as an annual account maintained

• Negotiating with lawyers, auditors, and regulators

However, since September 22, 2009, it is not mandatory to have a company secretary in a private company. But a public company should have a company secretary. However, if required, then a private company’s directors can appoint a company secretary. If you need any help with this, you can get in touch with us, and we can assist you in hiring a company secretary.

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