Memorandum of Association

Memorandum of Association

Memorandumof Association

Memorandumof Association or MOA is an important document that is compulsory to form alimited company in the United Kingdom. The Companies Act 2006 has made itmandatory for all limited companies. Speaking more about it, this single-pagelegal document includes the names of the shareholders or subscribers and theiragreement to form a company. If you are forming a company limited by shares,then the MOA should mention every shareholder’s consent to purchase at leastone share.

Thememorandum is one type of Pro-forma documents and covers statements ofcompliance of members. The MOA needs to be submitted at the Companies Housealong with the Article of Association. Without these documents, you can’tregister the company. It includes other information like:

·        Name of the company.

·        Address of registeredoffice.

·        Shareholders’ liability.

·        Company’s objective.

·        Authorized share capitaland more.

Youcan obtain the MOA form from the Companies House. You can take our help tocomplete and submit the MOA form to the Companies House successfully.

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