Registered Office

Registered Office

Registered Office

Speaking about the registered office of a company is the official registered address of a company that is used as a communication point of the company. The registered office is generally decided during the time of incorporation of the company. However, a company can change its registered office by following the required procedures mentioned under the Companies Act 2006 and the Companies House. In the United Kingdom, a company’s registered office should be situated in:

• Northern Ireland

• England and Wales

• Wales (in case of the company’s MOA says the registered office should be there)

• Scotland

While filling for the registered office, make sure that you have provided correct information as that will be used as the center to send the legal documents.  Besides, the rules say you should use the registered office address on email signatures and letterheads. Do you need any help in registering your registered office? We can assist you with that. Call us now.

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