Itis a secretary of the company who manages all the administrative works of acompany and keeps the company compliance with all types of regulatory andstatutory requirements. A secretary follows all the decisions of the Board ofDirectors. They are also accountable for annual returns submission. Talkingabout some formal duties of a secretary, these include:

·        Maintaining differentstatutory books of the company.

·        Submitting annual returnsat the Companies House.

·        Arranging meetings of theboard of directors and company’s shareholder.

·        Informing the CompaniesHouse about the changes in the management and structure of the company.

·        Ensuring maximum securityof a company’s documents, incorporation certificate, articles of associationand memorandum of association, and more.

Therole and responsibility of a secretary are quite challenging, so every company hiresindividuals having years of experience in the administrative role for the post.Looking for an experienced secretary for your company? Get in touch with usnow.

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