Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is one type of tax that is generally charged on a written document. This is paid to register the documents between two and more persons.  In general, stamp duty depends on the type of the documents and can be charged at a particular percentage of the value stated in the agreement.  For example, stamp duty for the registration of a property paper is generally charged on the circle rate.

In the United Kingdom, when one buys shares, he/she will have to pay a duty of 0.5 percent on the total transaction amount. If you are buying shares online, you must pay SDRT- Stamp Duty Reserve Tax.  On the other side, while purchasing shares through a stock transfer form, you will have to pay stamp duty if the total value of the transaction crosses 1000 Euro. The situation when you don’t have to pay tax:

• Subscribing to a new share in the company.

• Purchasing shares in an OEIC- Open Ended Investment Company and more.

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