Stamp Office

Stamp Office

Stamp Office

The stamp office comes under the department of HM Revenue and Custom. The office looks after the administration of different stamp duties. When you are transferring shares, you will have to send the Stock Transfer forms to the stamp office for stamping. You need to submit the form within 30 days of the date of transfer, along with the required stamp duty. Taking about the stamp duty on shares, it is applicable while buying papers share certificates having a value of 1,000 Euro and more.

The stamp office also manages the SDRT- Stamp Duty Reserve Tax, which is generally charged while buying shares electronically. The tax is due on the different paperless transaction for:

• Shares in the company, having shares registered in the UK, but the company is located in another country.

• Shares in a United Kingdom-based company.

• Interest in the profit that you have earned by selling shares.

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