Statutory Records

Statutory Records

Statutory Records

Statutory Records or Statutory Books are theofficial records of some of the crucial aspects of a company’s operations,structure, and legal aspects. The Companies Act requires every company tocreate and maintain Statutory Records once they are formed and registered atthe Companies House. Every company should store, maintain, and safeguard itsStatutory Records at the registered office of the company. The company shouldensure that the Statutory Records are available in electronic and hard copiesfor general inspection by the Companies House. The Statutory Records shouldalso be available to the general public upon receiving a reasonablenotice. 

The Statutory Records contain a register ofthe Directors, Secretaries, and stakeholders in the company. In addition,Statutory Records also contain a register of the residential addresses of theDirectors in the company. Furthermore, the records should also enlist aregister of the interests of company Directors. The Statutory Records alsocontains the company seal, Certificate of Incorporation, and a Memorandum andArticles of Association. Another notable highlight in the Statutory Records ofa company includes the minute books that also include copies of already passedshareholder resolutions.     

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