Statutory Register

Statutory Register

Statutory Register

Statutory Register indicates the specificrecords that document the stakeholders and directors of a company. TheStatutory Register also contains accounts of the meetings held in the company.These records and the general accounting records of the company are mandatoryto keep. Generally, companies keep the Statutory Registers in hard copy,although they can also store it in electronic forms. According to the CompaniesAct, every company should furnish the Statutory Register before the Registrarof Companies (ROC) at specific intervals. Companies should store theirStatutory Register at their registered office or at an alternative locationnotified by the Companies House. 

The Statutory Register contains detaileddocumentation of the names of shareholders, directors, and Company Secretaries.In addition, it also outlines the various applications and allocation ofshares, share transfers, and the share certificates issued by the company. Theother significant additions to the Statutory Registers include the register ofdebentures, mortgages, and charges against the company. It also outlines theinterests of various Directors in shares of the company.

A company should also maintain the Certificateof Incorporation, the company seal, the Memorandum and Articles of Association,the Minute Book and the letters of allotment along with the Statutory Register.All of these combined together to form the Statutory Records and Books for acompany.  

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